Golden Website

• Attractive and customized design suiting your needs and requirements, and clearly expressing your brand and business.
• Trilingual interface: you can choose between: English, Arabic, French and Spanish
• Domain name and 500MB hosting reservation for one year
• 5 email accounts with your domain name
• Unlimited number of dynamic pages (containing text and images only) manageable by the site’s admin; the admin can edit, add, delete and modify pages that would adopt the site design automatically.
• Dynamic menus manageable by the site’s admin; the admin can easily edit, add, delete and modify menus
• All the following <tag/> modules (or the ones you choose): (News,Events,Gallery,FAQs,Clients (or Partners),Calendar,Downloads,Testimonials,Rotator banner).
• Newsletter: this application allows you to communicate with your customers and send advertising mail, through the Newsletter application you can also save the data of your website visitors and build mailing lists that you can use in your marketing campaigns.
• Ad Manager: it’s an application that allows you to easily manage and display ads on your site according to standards you establish. It also allows advertisers on your site to track the performance of their ads (clicks and visits) through a special account that ensures, on one hand, the privacy of the advertiser, and on the other hand, the security of your site.
• One of the following applications: Product Catalog or E-magazine.
• The applications supplied with the pack can be inserted into the site at any time, according to the customer's needs
• A quadrilingual control panel (English, Arabic, French and Spanish) permitting you to modify all the site’s characteristics (except the design) and supporting an unlimited number of admins
• Content management 3 times during the first 6 months following delivery of the site
• Establishment and analysis of keywords list, and site monitoring during the 6 months following the launch of the site
• Registration site in 200 search engines and directories (international and regional)
• 20% discount on every extra application required
• 10% discount on all <tag/> products for ever
• Price : 1500 DT
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